The summer packets are for students exiting Kindergarten through Grade 7.  
K-2:   These packets will be printed and will be available at school for students who need a paper copy.  Each packet will contain various content areas including reading, writing, math, art, and science/social studies.  Each grade will work on a theme similar to project based learning.    The packet will include suggested books on myON that relate to the theme.
     Kindergarten:  Zoo Animals
     Grade 1:  Community Helpers
     Grade 2:  Time Capsule
3-5:  Grades 3-5 will all work on the same project.  Students will be asked to create a business (lemonade stand).  These packets are only available digitally.  No paper copies will be provided.  The packets will include various content areas such as reading, math, art, science, etc.  
6-7:  Grades 6-7 will all work on the same project for ELA.  This project will be about poetry and will be digital only.  No paper packets will be provided.  Students will login to Schmoop through Clever and work on the assignments.  For middle school, there are separate packets for each subject, so this project does not include math, art, etc like the other grade levels.